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Many more thanks to you Richard for making it possible again.  You have Doctors, Lawyers and Farmers out there, you get my drift you are a professional Bike Fitter with class.  I suffered a bike crash in a race a few years ago, fracturing my right scapula.  Even after two years of healing and physiotherapy it was only possible for me to ride again with heavy doses of stubbornness and prescription pain killers.  I was about to pack it in untill I made that short notice appointment with you.  You sat down with me before any fitting to get to know me better to see what were my goals and objectives were in a comfortable relaxing environment and with a nice cup of espresso.  You explained every single procedure, the measurement tools, video and the set up.  At no time did I feel rushed and with no interruptions to my concern.  Another highlight to your work was your professionalism when I mentioned another bike shop and fitter you never put them down in any way.  I thought I would of need a shorter stem but instead of selling me one you managed to adjust my seat and handlebar accordingly.  A few days after my appointment I put 2 hours in the saddle and I started to laugh,  because I had no numbness to my hand and no more pain to my knees and I don't need pain killers for my shoulder anymore.  You believe in miracles,  I believe in Ace Custom Cycles. -- Yvon Duval

I would like to say thanks to Richard for getting me fitted on my Serotta Nove.  It was a pleasure going through all the steps from my fitting on my existing bike to the final fitting and setup of my Nove.  My Nove provided me a more comfortable riding position while at the same time eliminating the pains that I had on my other bike.

It was great pleasure to do business with Richard as he explains the pros and cons throughout the fitting.  He was always there to answer my questions.  I consider Richard more as a friend then as a bike fitter/salesman and would recommend Richard of Ace Custom Cycles for their personal fit on their bikes or if they are contemplating on getting a custom bicycle.

-- Mike Bernier

Ace Custom Cycles - I'm a Fan!

My decision to purchase a new road bike had been a few years in the making
and it was time to make it a reality. I knew exactly what frame and
components I wanted (I had lusted over them for sometime) but, would a
stock frame geometry meet my requirements or would I have to go custom?
And whose expertise would I enlist to help me achieve my goal?

I was aware proper bike fit was my first priority. I was also aware
Serotta Competition Bicycles had an extensive fitting program. When I
learned this level of fitting could be accomplished here in Ottawa with
Richard Coburn at Ace Custom Cycles, I was delighted.

With Richard's Level 3 - New Bike Fit program and his Serotta trained
fitting expertise, I knew I had made the right decision.

The fitting process was very thorough and educational as well. And while I
was ultimately shopping for a new bike, the fitting data and adjustments
translated to immediate improved comfort and performance I could apply to
my existing road bike.

And so, now it was onto the purchase of my new Ti dream machine - a Moots
Vamoots Compact.

Armed with my fitting data and cycling objectives, Richard teamed up with
Jon at Moots to discuss and confirm my new frame geometry. In the end, a
stock frame geometry would meet my needs, however some minor 'tweaking' of
the head tube length was proposed. And so the frame went into production
and there was nothing to do but be patient and wait - this level of
craftsmanship takes time...

The day eventually came when Richard contacted me; the frame was in and
would be built-up over the next week and ready for a test drive. I was
'giddy' to finally see the finished product and even more ecstatic to
finally throw a leg over the new machine!

Well, it was totally worth waiting for! A major step-up from my previous
ti road bike and the ride quality can best be described as silky,
responsive and light. I'm a big fan of titanium and I smile with
satisfaction every time I reflect on the end result and the journey to
realize my new bike.

In conclusion, Ace Custom Cycles delivered in every way. I am totally
satisfied with my purchase and it was a pleasure teaming-up with Richard at
Ace Custom Cycles and Jon at Moots to achieve my goal.

I would not hesitate to recommend Richard and his Ace Custom Cycles - I'm a

Cheers, Brian

I've been racing for over 10 years now and I am a master A road racer. I got fit before and thought I was comfortable and efficient on my bike but Richard put it to a higher level. He helped me find a position that gives me more power plus I feel even more comfortable on the brake hoods and drops. I saw results immediately by winning the first Quebec master A national race of the 2007 season.

-- Dominic Raby

Way to go Dominic!

I've been enjoying a good many rides with my new best friend, the "Steely Stealth Serotta". It's truly great: Love the fit, Love the ride, Love the look (it is a bit heartbreaking to get it dirty, but it's already seen some pretty messy roads!).

The gleam of my steely, onyx cyclocross 'machine' pales in comparison only with the smile that comes across my face every time we take to the road, come snow, mud or bright sunny day. Thanks so much, Richard, for persevering with a challenging fit - Ace may have bragging rights to the first 650C cyclocross frame in North America!

-- Beth

In February this year I had the opportunity to get a professional bike fitting from Ace Custom Cycles.  I had the level 2 Comprehensive Existing Bike Fit.  I was immediately impressed with how many questions Richard asked to get to know me and have a feel for my riding goals.  He really took his time to take all the necessary measurements and strength/flexibility tests during the fitting. 

After my fitting I am noticing major improvements in my pedalling comfort and power.  I always felt that my position on my bike was pretty "dialed-in" but by incorporating Richard's suggestions I find my pedaling is much more fluid.  I am now able to get in to more aerodynamic yet powerful positions on my bike very naturally.  My existing bike feels much more like extension of myself than it ever did.

Thanks for the fitting Richard.  I look forward to many comfortable miles in 2007.

-- Rob

After years of running various 5km to 42km races, I sustained a stress fracture in my shin that prevented me from running for a few months. I began cross training, specifically spinning and swimming, and decided to get into triathlons.

I read an ad for Ace Custom Cycles in the OBC newsletter; I liked the idea of “appointment only” so I called Richard Coburn, a trained technician from the Serotta School of Ergonomics, who told me I would start with a 3-hour long professional fitting to determine my specific cycling needs.

In addition to finding out about my fitness level and goals, he took a number of measurements, including my core strength, flexibility and positional coordinates. I was satisfied with this comprehensive fitting and decided to order a Serotta custom-made road bike. Now that I've ridden my new bike a few times, I'm so happy that I made the choice of a custom Serotta from Ace Custom Cycles - I had no idea that a bike could be this great!

Richard’s knowledge and expertise of bikes coupled with his passion and enthusiasm for assisting people with cycling needs were clearly evident. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who wants to minimize the risk of cycling injuries and enjoy years of cycling by investing in an ergonomically fitted bike.   

-- Michele Motiuk

After being professionally fit by Ace Custom Cycles I noticed an immediate change in the enjoyment and efficiency of my riding.   The following are the three most prominent effects that I have noticed:

  1. Greater Power - I immediately noticed the increase in power with each pedal-stroke after my foot was properly placed on the pedal, and after adjusting the seat position.  This, combined with a change of aerobar positioning has enabled me to generate more powerful and efficient strokes.
  2. Aerodynamics - Never having seen myself on the bike, I had no idea how upright I was sitting, losing valuable energy lost to unnecessary friction.  Significantly lowering my body angle to its optimal level allowed me to become much more aerodynamic, while at the same time, not losing any comfort.
  3. Comfort - Before being custom fit, I thought that some degree of knee, neck, and back-pain were unavoidable.  Only after the fitting did I realize that most of it could be dealt with by adjusting my position on the bike.  The most obvious difference was the pressure on my shoulders which was alleviated by shortening the stem and allowing my bent elbows to act like shocks.

All in all, the custom fitting was very positive.  Richard was very personable, professional, & knowledgeable about fitting and bikes in general.  It was obvious that Richard takes great pride in what he does, and is meticulous about following up, and ensures you are happy with your fitting.

I would definitely recommend getting a fitting to anyone serious about cycling, or anyone just wanting to increase their riding enjoyment.


--Cliff McIntosh

I really enjoyed your personal and highly professional service in your well equipped studio.  Thanks for the great service and the numerical record of the dimensions that you came up with.  I will tell some other avid cyclists (including some racers) at my work about your high-quality service.

--Don Plenderleith

I wanted to thank you again for the bike fitting. I was impressed with the time and attention to detail you put into the fitting process. The one on one focus really put me at ease as you took the time to explain the purpose behind each the adjustment. The Serotta Size Cycle was a great way for me to not only feel the difference from my current bike position each step of the way as we made adjustments, but also let us easily experiment with different combinations of changes. Once we adjusted my bike I immediately felt more comfortable and relaxed. In a week of riding since the fitting session I’ve felt less stiff after long rides and seen improvements in my performance. I’m very satisfied with the results.

-- James Godfrey

I was pleased at the individual attention and low pressure atmosphere that was created to make sure the right things were addressed in my cycling position. I have no problem recommending Richard's services to any avid cyclist .

-- Bill Lumley


... I saw results immediately by winning the first Quebec master A national race of the 2007 season.

I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who wants to minimize the risk of cycling injuries and enjoy years of cycling by investing in an ergonomically fitted bike.


Commuting was a chore on my old bike... now I fly to work and have energy to spare!


... I would definitely recommend getting a fitting to anyone serious about cycling, or anyone just wanting to increase their riding enjoyment.

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